The NSTC Curriculum is based on the Alaska Safety Handbooks and the Environmental Field Handbook. The curriculum includes the Unescorted Course, Job Specific Courses, and Special Awareness Courses.

  • NSTC – North Slope Training Cooperative Unescorted / 001
  • NSTC Ash Update / 003
  • NSTC Confined Space / 004
  • NSTC Energy Isolation / 005
  • NSTC Fall Protection / 006
  • NSTC Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Module / 002
  • NSTC Respiratory Protection / 007
*Cancellation Policy: cancellations must be made up to three business days before the start of class to receive a refund.  Registrants that do not provide three business days notice of cancellation or rescheduling will be billed in full.


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The following information applies to all NIT vocational programs, and any continued education programs exceeding 80 hours:

It is the applicant’s responsibility to secure funding or provide payment for tuition and any training related costs. Additional costs not included in this price are, but not limited to: drug test and physicals, transportation, room and board, child care, etc.

An applicant may apply at any time but may enter class only on specified starting dates. Classes have limited enrollment. If you have questions about our classes and course schedules, please contact us at 907-357-6400.

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