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Mar 20 2023 - May 05 2023



Carpentry – High School Pathway

Length of Program: 8 weeks

Format of Program:

  • Live Online Instruction via Blackboard
  • Self-Paced Online Independent study
  • 4 Practical Application days

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Enrolled in Homeschool Program
  • Parental Consent
  • DL or State ID

Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Certificate of Completion

Program Description:

This is an introduction to basic woodworking safety and tools. Students will begin with basic concepts like construction math & drawings, & advance through skills required for site preparation, crew leadership, & roof systems.

Students will learn basic techniques and practical application using real-world examples. This program includes both independent study and at least 16 hours of live, online instruction, along with shop time.

There are 8 levels of our Carpentry Pathway!!

Tuition Breakdown

  • Basic Carpentry Principals
  • NIT Blackboard Student Access
  • Additional one time books and materials charge of $250 to be collected before start of course (separate from tuition cost)

Modules Trained

Safety Construction Math Hand & Power Tools Construction Drawings

Total Cost: $450

Emergency Contact Info

Funding and Education Info

Parental/Legal Guardian Consent Form


hereby give my consent for my son/daughter 

to participate in the following training program:

Name of Program: Carpentry - Highschool Pathway

I understand that an additional $250 books and materials fee is required (separate from tuition).

NIT will provide the necessary personal protective equipment for this training. Students are required to bring their own Hard Toe or Steel Toe boots.
I fully understand and recognize that working on or around equipment can have a high risk factor for serious physical injury and/or the possibility of death.

As parent/legal guardian of the minor named above, I am aware of and accept the risks and dangers of my minor entering potentially hazardous training and hereby give my consent for him/her to train within potentially hazardous areas.

All students must have their own appropriate medical insurance coverage in case of injury. NIT will not cover medical expenses for injuries incurred during training.

I release Northern Industrial Training, LLC from all liability and responsibility.

Registration: $450
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