NIT is now offering Carpentry for High School.

Program Description:

NIT’s Carpentry program gives high school & homeschool students the opportunity to learn about every step of the building process while making a positive contribution to their community. We’re teaming with local non-profits to focus our building efforts on structures they need in order to operate. NIT students not only learn the fundamentals of building but get to do so knowing that their accomplishment will be a boon to the place they live.

Tuition Breakdown

Each course is eight weeks in length, and tuition cost is $500 per course

  • Basic Carpentry Principals
  • NIT Blackboard Student Access
  • Additional one-time $250 books and materials fee (separate from tuition cost)

Carpentry I

Students embark on a hands-on journey into the world of construction with a focus on carpentry in this immersive course. Students will drive each stage of the building process, from initial planning to the halfway point of constructing a viable structure. Through a blend of theoretical instruction & practical application, participants will gain invaluable insights & experience in the fundamentals of carpentry & construction. The course begins with an introduction to basic tool use, safety protocols, planning techniques, & materials selection, laying the groundwork for students to dive into the building process with confidence. Book learning will come to life as students collaborate in the workshop to construct a building, participating in every step of the build under the guidance of experienced instructors. Key subjects covered include tools & safety, design & planning, fasteners, electrical basics, floor systems, wall framing, roof framing, & more.

Carpentry II

Building upon the foundation laid in Carpentry I, students will continue constructing a viable building, further expanding their knowledge & skills in carpentry & building construction techniques. Students will pick up where they left off, completing the construction of a structure to be placed with a local non-profit organization. Throughout the course, students will learn advanced topics & techniques essential for completing the building project, including roofing applications, window & door installation, siding & deck construction, insulation & ventilation systems, wall & interior finishes, stairs, cabinets, & other finishing touches. Upon completion of the course, students will not only have expanded their skill set in carpentry & building construction but will also experience the pride of contributing to their community.

Our courses meet the requirements for credit & can qualify for credit transfer as shown below. Please note - transfer of credit is always at the discretion of the receiving school.

1/2 Elective Credit OR
1/2 Physical Science Credit OR
1/2 Elective Science Credit



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