DOD Skillbridge Internships


90–120-day Internship

The Diesel Mechanic Inter Program provides Interns to work and learn to perform maintenance repairs on all vehicles under the guidance of fleet technicians, fleet supervisors, or managers, such as inspections, scheduled repairs, and malfunctions, in a safe, efficient, timely, and quality manner.

Address all driver vehicle inspection report write-ups timely, efficiently, and correctly the first time under the guidance of the fleet technician fleet supervisor or manager. Interns quickly learn to perform required inspections and preventive maintenance under the guidance of fleet technicians or fleet managers on vehicles and equipment to maximize the safety, reliability, and cost efficiency throughout the life cycle of the fleet. Learn to perform CVI (Annual) (First Article Inspection – Commercial Vehicle Inspection) inspections on all fleet vehicles, including tractors, trailers, converter dollies, light-duty vehicles, and any other company-owned equipment under the guidance of fleet technician or fleet supervisor or manager following all federal, state, and local legal and regulatory agencies. (Includes all state-required inspections and frequencies).

Diagnose the cause of any malfunction and perform repairs to manufacturer specifications including but not limited to engines, transmissions and clutches, driveline, differential, steering and suspension, fuel and ignition system, exhaust systems (including regeneration systems), intake systems, electrical systems, brake systems, hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical systems under the guidance of fleet technician or fleet supervisor or manager.


90–120-day Internship

The project management Intern Program provides mentorship to learn and apply skills necessary to deliver products and services within cost, schedule, and resource constraints. This Intern program gives participants skills and experience to ensure their projects are completed on time and within budget while providing the user with the product or service expected.

Active Construction Superintendents and Managers will mentor all Interns. Introduction to Project Management, Safety, Interpersonal Skills, Issues and Resolutions, Construction Documents, Construction Planning, Estimating and Cost Control, Scheduling, Resource Control, Quality Control and Assurance, Continuous Improvement, Organizing Projects, Planning Projects, Performing Projects (MSP) Starting a Project, (MSP) Working with Project Calendars, (MSP) Working with Project Tasks, (MSP) Working with Project Resources, (MSP) Delivering a Project Plan, (MSP) Managing the Project Environment, (MSP) Managing, Task Structures, (MSP) Generating Project Views, (MSP) Producing Project Reports. Additional independent study may be needed before testing for the CAPM.


90–120-day Internship

The Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance Coordinator will be directed and mentored by the DOT Compliance Manager. The Intern will learn specific computer software and regulations and do data entry and research for regulatory compliance with FMCSA, the Department of Transportation, and the State of Alaska. This is an Internship where the training will actively be OJT under the supervision of the DOT Compliance Manager.

The Intern will learn specific software systems, data entry systems, regulatory compliance guidelines, and filing and record management protocol. All training will be actively OJT. The Internship will be actively performing and learning the tasks associated with DOT compliance. The DOT Compliance Manager will direct all aspects of the Internship program. On-the-Job-Training: Interns will be evaluated on a project basis for understanding.


90–120-day Internship

The Administrative Training Coordinator is an OJT Internship. The Program Manager will mentor the Intern. Each Intern will work alongside active Administrative Training Coordinators to provide outreach, enrollment, progress, and regulatory compliance documentation for all training activities. The Intern will be actively participating in the day-to-day business and learning firsthand the processes and responsibilities of Training.

SAFETY PROFESSIONAL Instructor / Auditor

90–120-day Internship

Safety Professionals will be able to assess unsafe conditions and understand and apply safety regulation standards. Understand Accident Investigation and the reporting process and the governing regulations, Report Writing, Safety Program Audits, and Instruct safety classes by classroom theory and practical application. Interns will leave with several safety certifications. Interns will learn how to effectively design and deliver training programs, after they complete OJT training with certified safety professionals.

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