Part 1 - Microsoft Excel®: You will understand the basics of a working spreadsheet. Why, Excel functions like it does and how to create the best formulas and worksheets. “Tips, Tricks and Keyboard Shortcuts” are covered and explained.
Part 2 - Microsoft Word®: You will learn what features and tools Microsoft’s Word Processing Application has to offer. You will create, edit, and format a word document. Controlling and editing text/paragraph formatting are key components to this course.
Part 3 - Microsoft Outlook®: You will learn the most efficient methods of communicating, using Microsoft Outlook. Organizing, formatting, and filtering messages are covered, as well as creating Contacts, Appointments, Meetings and Notes.
Part 4 - Microsoft PowerPoint®: You will learn how to create effective PowerPoint Presentations that will capture your audience’s attention and make your information delivery dynamic.

While we don't have any currently on the schedule, please let us know you are interested and we will contact you with our next available dates!

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