Let NIT’s team be your advantage when it comes to audits.

DOT just informed you that they are coming for an audit. Are you prepared for it? Do you know what is going to take place? Many understand they are required to keep certain records or train employees on specific material, but do you know how far you really have to go? Most motor carriers and drivers are trying to operate safely and following the applicable regulations, however, trying to read the FMCSRs is sometimes like trying to read a different language. This can lead to costly mistakes and may even result in a stop work order for your company.

Northern Industrial Training’s team of highly skilled professionals can help you to prepare for your next DOT audit. The DOT Compliance Solutions team will provide an in depth DOT quality audit without the associated citations. It is our goal to ensure that you and your company are prepared and confident when DOT comes knocking. NIT can offer factor specific or full scale auditing along with assisting in the correction of any violations found.

Are you prepared for a DOT audit?

Six Factors of a DOT Audit

  1. General
    1. Proof of Insurance
    2. Accident Registry
  2. Driver Qualification
    1. Employment History
    2. MVR
    3. DOT Medical Certificate
    4. Road Test
    5. Drug Testing
    6. Record Checks
  3. Hours of Service
    1. Written Policy
    2. Violations
    3. ELD Compliance
    4. Enforcement
    5. Training
  4. Vehicle Maintenance
    1. Inspections
    2. Repairs
    1. Training
    2. Record Retention
    3. Security Plan
    4. Certifications
  6. Accidents
    1. Reporting
    2. Drug Testing

Do you know the difference between critical and acute violations?

Are you aware of the consequences of these violations?

Do you know what triggers a DOT audit?

Who would you rather have digging through your compliance laundry?

NIT-A team of highly trained professionals working with you and for you confidentially to ensure compliance, or;

DOT-State/Federal auditors who are there to find something wrong and cite you for it.

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