NIT is now offering Alaskan Mechanic High School Pathway.

This pathway focuses on small engines unique to Alaska, including automotive, ATV, snow machine & outboard. Students will work on equipment & learn valuable skills in diagnostics, repair & general maintenance.

Program Description:

There are 8 levels to this Pathway. These programs are introductory courses to basic automotive mechanics, including engines, brakes, fluids, and routine maintenance.

Theory based learning is reinforced by demonstration of techniques using real-world examples. This program includes both independent study and at least 20 hours of live, online instruction.

Students will also have the opportunity to observe an active shop.

Tuition Breakdown

Each Level is 8 weeks in length, and tuition cost is $450 per level (8 levels in total)

  • How Cars Work
  • NIT Blackboard Student Access
  • Additional one time $250 books and materials fee (separate from tuition cost)

Modules Trained

Engine Drive Train Fuel System Cooling System
Running Gear Brakes Electrical System Maintenance & Safety

Our courses meet the requirements for credit, and can qualify for credit transfer as shown below. Please note - transfer of credit is always at the discretion of the receiving school.

  • 1/2 Elective Credit OR
  • 1/2 Physical Science Credit OR
  • 1/2 Elective Science Credit


Currently no upcoming courses. Please contact us for availability.

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