NIT is now offering Alaskan Mechanics for High School

Come work on small engines unique to Alaska, including automotive, ATV, snowmachine & outboard!

Program Description:

NIT is offering courses in mechanics to high school & homeschool students. Our classes combine online, instructor-led learning with a wealth of time in the shop. Students will learn diagnostic, maintenance & repair techniques by getting their hands on the engines they use every day.

Each of our courses offers a clear set of learning objectives, focusing on a measured approach to automotive & motor systems. Instruction encompasses & encourages real-world applications that will help students navigate more safely for the rest of their lives.

Tuition Breakdown

All courses are eight weeks, and tuition cost is $500 per course

  • NIT Blackboard Student Access
  • Additional one-time $250 books and materials fee (separate from tuition cost)

Automotive Maintenance & Repair I

Gain a comprehensive understanding of automotive systems & maintenance practices from a beginner's perspective in this hands-on course. Through a blend of theoretical instruction & practical sessions, students will dive into the inner workings of basic automotive systems, reinforcing their learning through purposeful repetition & application. Students will be immersed in a mechanic shop environment, fostering collaboration & teamwork as they broaden their understanding of essential automotive concepts. Key topics covered include basic technician skills, wheels, tires, suspension systems, steering systems, & brakes, including drum brakes & disc brakes. By the conclusion of the course, students will emerge with a firm grasp of automotive fundamentals & the confidence to approach automotive maintenance tasks with a can-do attitude. This immersive learning experience prepares students to navigate automotive systems & perform basic maintenance tasks effectively, empowering them to take control of their vehicles' upkeep with confidence & competence.

Automotive Maintenance & Repair II

Building upon the foundational knowledge acquired in the introductory course, students will embark on an advanced exploration of automotive systems & maintenance practices. Through immersive hands-on experiences in a mechanic shop environment, participants will expand & deepen their understanding of essential automotive concepts while further developing their teamwork skills. Key focus areas include electrical/electronic systems, batteries, starting & charging systems, lighting systems, accessories, engine performance principles, & vehicle maintenance. Students will engage in collaborative projects, working together to troubleshoot & address challenges across diverse automotive systems. By the conclusion of the course, students will emerge prepared to confidently maintain & repair vehicles, demonstrating proficiency across various systems & components.

Alaskan Powersports I (Motorcycle, Snowmachine, ATV, Outboard)

For students passionate about exploring the rugged terrain of Alaska on snowmachines, motorbikes, or ATVs, our Powersports courses offer a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding & proficiency in maintaining & troubleshooting these versatile machines. Immersed in a mechanic shop environment, students will expand their familiarity with the intricacies of powersports vehicles, gaining practical skills & theoretical knowledge across a range of components & systems. Key focus areas include small engines, cooling systems, fuel & engine management systems, drives, clutches, 2- & 4-stroke engines, frames, suspension, brakes, wheels, tires, & general maintenance practices. Through hands-on projects & collaborative learning experiences, students will develop the skills necessary to tackle maintenance & troubleshooting challenges in powersports vehicles effectively.

Alaskan Powersports II (Motorcycle, Snowmachine, ATV, Outboard)

Students dig deeper into the intricate systems, maintenance, & repair of powersports vehicles in this course tailored to students' daily lives & real-world experiences. With a heightened emphasis on practical applicability, participants will acquire the skills necessary to ensure the operability of their vehicles in a wide range of field conditions, from backyard tinkering to remote excursions across the rugged landscapes of Alaska. Building upon foundational knowledge, students will explore advanced concepts & techniques relevant to powersports vehicles commonly used in their daily lives. Through hands-on learning experiences & simulated field scenarios, participants will develop proficiency in diagnosing & addressing maintenance issues encountered in real-world situations. Key focus areas include comprehensive systems analysis, advanced maintenance practices, & field repair strategies tailored to powersports vehicles. Students will gain insights into optimizing vehicle performance, enhancing reliability, & troubleshooting common issues encountered during outdoor adventures.

Our courses meet the requirements for credit & can qualify for credit transfer as shown below. Please note - transfer of credit is always at the discretion of the receiving school.

1/2 Elective Credit OR
1/2 Physical Science Credit OR
1/2 Elective Science Credit



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