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Jan 01 2023 - Dec 31 2023



ELDT Theory Class A


As of February 7th, 2022, all drivers applying for a Class A CDL must complete the curriculum outlined in 49CFR Part 380 Appendix A. This program meets the requirements for the Class A theory portion of the required training. Additional behind the wheel (BTW) training will be required prior to taking the Class A CDL Road Exam through your State Driver Licensing Agency or authorized third-party test facility.


Unit Number Unit Title
1.1 Orientation
1.2 Control Systems/Dashboard
1.3 Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections
1.4 Basic Control
1.5 Shifting/Operating Transmissions
1.6 Backing and Docking
1.7 Coupling and Uncoupling
2.1 Visual Search
2.2 Communication
2.3 Distracted Driving
2.4 Speed Management
2.5 Space Management
2.6 Night Operation
2.7 Extreme Driving Conditions
3.1 Hazard Perception
3.2 Skid Control/Recovery, Jackknifing, and Other Emergencies
3.3 Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings
4.1 Identification and Diagnosis of Malfunctions
4.2 Roadside Inspections
4.3 Maintenance
5.1 Handling and Documenting Cargo
5.2 Environmental Compliance Issues
5.3 Hours of Service Requirements
5.4 Fatigue and Wellness Awareness
5.5 Post-Crash Procedures
5.6 External Communications
5.7 Whistleblower/Coercion
5.8 Trip Planning
5.9 Drugs/Alcohol
5.10 Medical Requirements


Open enrollment after February 7th. This course is taught virtually through Blackboard – log in information for Blackboard will be created by NIT staff and given to applicants after registration for the course. All applicants will have 4 weeks from date of registry to complete the course. More time can be offered at an additional cost.




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