Qualified welders are in high demand all over the world. There are numerous opportunities for welders in heavy construction, manufacturing, ship building, and auto racing.

There is a lot more to welding than simply applying an electric arc to the base metals. Welders have more than 100 different types of welding processes to use. Welders must know the characteristics of the metals being welded,the special materials and techniques that apply to the different metals for welding, and how to interpret welding specifications.

Examples of typical work include joining pipe sections for oil and natural gas pipelines, building ships, and working in a variety of industrial environments such as power plants, refineries, chemical plants, and manufacturing facilities. Additionally, as industry and technology continue to advance, new applications for welding in the workplace are being discovered.

NIT’s welding programs provide students the training and practice required to qualify, certify, and succeed in the welding industry

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